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MID-SIOUX OPPORTUNITY INC Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) in REMSEN, Iowa

Do you want to work the same hours your children are in school? Wehave a dental assistant position open for you! 28-32 flexible hours perweek, September through May. 20 hours per month, June through August.Current licensure as a dental assistant in the State of Iowa required.Professional dental experience in public health services preferred. Eligiblefor benefits, including IPERS. Travel to schools within the five countyservice area required. Valid driver's license, insurance and reliabletransportation required. Position is based in Orange City.QUALIFICATIONS:- Current licensure as a dental assistant in the State of Iowa and a minimum of one year clinical practice experience.REQUIREMENTS:- Professional dental experience in public health services preferred.- Must be able to work well with a diverse population of low-income individuals with possible language/culturalbarriers.- Valid driver's license, insurance and reliable transportation required.- Must maintain a good driving record.- Must be able to lift dental equipment (up to 70 pounds).- A Public Health Supervision Agreement must be filed with the Iowa Dental Board and the Bureau of Oral HealthDelivery Systems at the Iowa Department of Public Health. A summary report must be submitted at the end of eachcalendar year.JOB DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:1. Work with Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Inc. I-Smile Coordinator to ensure access to dental services, with an emphasison early intervention and preventive oral health care beginning at or near the age of 12 months and into adulthood.2. Assure all oral health services are provided according to Iowa Department of Public Health protocols and the IowaDental Board scope of practice regulations.3. Complete duties/responsibilities as assigned by the I-Smile Coordinator.4. Assure that consent is obtained prior to assisting RDH with providing direct oral health services to clients.5. Comply with standard precautions for preventing and controlling infectious diseases and managing personnel healthand safety concerns related to infection control.6. Assure appropriate dental care coordination is completed for all child and maternal health clients, regardless of pay-ment source:a. Assist families in finding a local dentist.b. Assist families in setting up and keeping appointments (including transportation).c. Educate families about the importance of keeping dental appointments.d. Develop a referral/recall system.e. Remind families when they are due for appointments.f. Provide anticipatory guidance.g. Provide oral health education.h. Assist families in finding payment sources for dental care.i. Assure data entry of oral health services.j. Link families to other community services (WIC, Head Start, etc.).7. Screen all children and pregnant women for access to oral health care coverage. Medicaid presumptive eligibilityreferrals will be provided for children and pregnant women without health insurance.8. Set-up and tear-down dental equipment/supplies at clinics.9. Load and un-load dental equipment needed for clinics.10. Complete data entry for oral health services into the required electronic database systems.11. Communicate with schools participating in the I-Smile@School program and assure the school receives all neces-sary paperwork to distribute to students.12. Assure oral health services are billed to Medicaid per policies and procedures.13. Assist I-Smile Coordinator with reviewing and updating oral health policies and procedures.14. Assist with population-based oral health services to groups within the community, especially low-income families orfamilies with limited availability of health services.15. Order and stock dental supplies and oral health educational materials.16. Assist the I-Smile Coordinator will completion of duties/responsibilities as assigned with the Maternal Health, Childand Adolescent Health, I-Smile@School, and I-Smile funds.17. Attend and participate in state oral health meetings, staff meetings, and other conferences which