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Job Information


Position at Plumrose

Q A Lead Bacon Complex, Ottumwa, IA


  • Monitor facility and personnel for compliance with GMP's and SSOP's

  • Monitor quality levels and regulatory compliance on finished product

  • Pre-op inspection with microbial sampling

  • Monitor and verify HACCP's, CCP's and perform pre-shipment review

  • Monitor HACCP records

  • Develop and collect samples for Lab and for new and existing customers

  • Record all results/data from all inspections, monitoring activities

  • Train and support QA technicians in all the different tasks on the floor.

  • Conduct internal audits including but not limited to GMP’s, Glass and Brittle plastic, foreign material.

  • Work closely with bacon management to conduct foreign material investigations, quality product shows.

  • Conduct, along with FSQA Supervisors, operations employee training.

  • Fill in for FSQA Supervisors and help cover vacations and absences.

  • Review and organize operations and food safety records.

  • Conduct quality audits on bacon product. Communicate deficiencies with operations.

  • Work closely with maintenance to identify and repair food safety hazards on the floor.

Physical Demand Strength Rating (with Explanation)

  • Constantly standing, walking, performing material handling that can involve heavy objects.

  • Must tolerate temperatures that average 35- to 45-degrees F, and occasional temperatures near 0-degrees F

  • Must check the weight of individual packages.

  • Must check for the proper vacuum seal and for discoloration of the meat.