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JOB REQUIREMENTS: Use hand-welding or flame-cutting equipment to weld or join metal components or to fill holes, indentations, or seams of fabricated metal products. Analyze engineering drawings, blueprints, specifications, sketches, work orders, and material safety data sheets to plan layout, assembly, and welding operations. Chip or grind off excess weld, slag, or spatter, using hand scrapers or power chippers, portable grinders, or arc-cutting equipment. Clamp, hold, tack-weld, heat-bend, grind or bolt component parts to obtain required configurations and positions for welding. Detect faulty operation of equipment or defective materials and notify supervisors. Determine required equipment and welding methods, applying knowledge of metallurgy, geometry, and welding techniques. Examine workpieces for defects and measure workpieces with straightedges or templates to ensure conformance with specifications. Hammer out bulges or bends in metal workpieces. Lay out, position, align, and secure parts and assemblies prior to assembly, using straightedges, combination squares, calipers, and rulers. Mark or tag material with proper job number, piece marks, and other identifying marks as required. Monitor the fitting, burning, and welding processes to avoid overheating of parts or warping, shrinking, distortion, or expansion of material. Operate manual or semi-automatic welding equipment to fuse metal segments, using processes such as gas tungsten arc, gas metal arc, flux-cored arc, plasma arc, shielded metal arc, resistance welding, and submerged arc welding. Operate safety equipment and use safe work habits. Position and secure workpieces, using hoists, cranes, wire, and banding machines or hand tools. Prepare all material surfaces to be welded, ensuring that there is no loose or thick scale, slag, rust, moisture, grease, or other foreign matter. Recognize, set up, and operate hand and power tools common to the welding trade, such as shielded metal arc and gas metal arc welding equipment. Remove rough spots from workpieces, using portable grinders, hand files, or scrapers. Set up and use ladders and scaffolding as necessary to complete work. Signal crane operators to move large workpieces. Weld components in flat, vertical, or overhead positions. Weld separately or in combination, using aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, and other alloys. Clean or degrease parts, using wire brushes, portable grinders, or chemical baths. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Welding experience preferred. Open to work 1st or 2nd shift. ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Apply In Person: 508 Hwy 18 West Marquette, IA 52158 E-Mail a R sum :