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Lauridsen Group Inc. Sanitation Technician - ALL SHIFTS - Essentia - Lytton, IA in Lytton, Iowa

Are you a detail-oriented self-starter with a strong work ethic looking for a job in which those characteristics are rewarded? If so, Essentia is looking for you! Through committed service and sustainable proteins solutions, Essentia is dedicated to building a better business for our customers. We do this by holding true to our values: Teamwork, Respect, Agility, Creativity and Knowledge. The incumbent will maintain the high standard of cleanliness to comply with food safety standards using the 7 steps to sanitation throughout the facility in accordance with approved quality and sanitation procedures and to Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOP’s).

Here at Essentia, we take good care of our employees, and are serious about our social responsibility towards both community and people. We respect that there is a family side to most people, and we encourage our employees to respect a good work-life balance. That is why we offer 3 weeks of paid time off (accrued at 4.61 hour each pay period) upon hire. Plus with our shift schedules, you will have 7 days off in a 14 day period! Additionally, wherever we develop our business it is with great respect for the local culture and ways of life. So no matter where you join us, at Essentia, you will feel the local soul that we encourage to keep.

While we offer great work/life balance we also have a competitive starting rate of pay of $18. Essentia is also proud to offer various discretionary bonuses including bonuses for perfect attendance!

Work Shift

All Shifts

6am-6pm; 6pm-6am

Did you know that with 12-hour shifts you actually work 104 more hours in a year, but 78 days less than a typical 8 hour shift?

Also, our schedule includes 8 hours of over-time each pay period if you work the full 48 hours that week. If you like variety, then this is the role for you. We take your safety seriously and expect each person to maintain a safe work environment which includes adhering to all of our policies and procedures.


Education: High school diploma or GED required or equivalent work experience.

Experience: Food/Feed manufacturing sanitation experience preferred.


  • Execute sanitation schedule: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Annual and Annual.

  • Sanitize floors, drains, walls, and shelves.

  • Responsible for maintaining a clean facility, inside and out using the 7 steps of sanitation.

  • Responsible for performing pre-op and notifying quality and operations departments that pre-op is completed.

  • Perform record keeping for the sanitation schedule.

  • Removes used smocks and hangs cleaned smocks in Red Zone.

  • Participate in proactive team efforts to achieve departmental and company goals.

  • Continuously improve the sanitation process.

  • Accurately mix the correct chemicals to achieve the correct concentrations.

  • Safely transfer cleaning chemicals from storage container to application equipment.

  • Responsible for correctly labeling secondary containers

  • Occasionally cleans offices, breakroom, conference room and restrooms.

  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Adhere to company policy and procedures, complying with all safety policies, practices and procedures.

  • Reporting to work on time for every assigned shift.

  • Wear required and appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

  • Able to work in a team environment and assist in other work related areas as requested.

  • Knowledge of cleaning chemicals, storage, use, measurement of concentrations.

  • Knowledge of SSOP (Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures).

  • Knowledge on the proper steps involved in cleaning and sanitation.

  • Knowledge of tools and equipment used for effective cleaning and sanitation.

  • Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.

  • Ability to clean following proper safety procedures when handling chemicals, lockout tag out, climbing ladders, etc.

  • Ability and willingness to work in hot and/or damp conditions.

  • Ability to work and complete daily tasks without supervision.

  • Maintain a positive and respectful attitude.


Approximate: 12 Hour Day (may be longer during peak season)

Job Title: Sanitation Technician

Frequency Key

Occasional: 1-33% of workday or 1-12 reps/hour

Frequent: 34-66% of workday or 13-62 reps/hour

Constant: +67% of workday or +63 reps/hour

Physical Demand Level: Medium

Job Analysis:

Physical Demand Wt./Force Height Distance Frequency

Lifting, Waist to Floor 0-5 lbs. 0-50 in. NA Frequently

Lifting, Waist to Floor 6-40 lbs. 0-50 in. NA Occasionally

Lifting, Above Shoulder 0-5 lbs. 50-72 in. NA Occasionally to Frequently

Carrying, Bilateral 0-5 lbs. Self-selected Up to 800 ft. Frequently

Carrying, Bilateral 6-40 lbs. Self-selected Up to 800 ft. Occasionally

Pushing/Pulling, Horizontal 0-25 lbs. of force Self-selected Up to 48 in. Frequently

Grasping Up to 55 lbs. of force NA NA Occasionally

Pinching (2-point/3-point/lateral) Up to 5/8/10 lbs. of force NA NA Occasionally

Reaching, Forward/Lateral NA 0-60 in. Up to 24 in. Frequently

Reaching, Above Shoulder NA 61-85 in. Up to 24 in. Occasionally

Sitting NA NA NA Occasionally

Standing NA NA NA Frequently

Walking NA NA Up to 800 ft. Frequently

Stair Climbing NA 8-12 in. NA Frequently

Ladder/Equipment Climbing NA 10-13 in. NA Occasionally

Squatting NA NA NA Occasionally

Bending NA NA NA Frequently

Stooping NA NA NA Occasionally

Twisting NA NA NA Occasionally

Physical Demand Summary: Maximum frequent waist to floor lift of 5 lbs.; Maximum occasional waist to floor lift of 40 lbs.; Maximum occasional to frequent above shoulder lift of 5 lbs.; Maximum frequent bilateral carry of 5 lbs.; Maximum occasional bilateral carry of 40 lbs.: Maximum frequent horizontal push/pull force of 25 lbs. of force; Occasional grasping of 55 lbs. of force; Occasional 2-point/3-point/lateral pinching of 5/8/10 lbs. of force; Frequent forward/lateral reaching; Occasional above shoulder reaching; Occasional sitting; Frequent standing; Frequent walking; Frequent stair climbing; Occasional ladder/equipment climbing; Occasional squatting; Frequent bending; Occasional stooping; Occasional twisting.


This job requires the mental capabilities to comprehend, analyze and effectively communicate information regarding cleaning schedules, safety and procedures. Logical thinking and common sense are also necessary to accomplish these job duties.


While performing the duties of this job, the employee is regularly exposed to cleaning chemicals. The noise level in the work environment can be loud in the shared plant areas and requires hearing protection. Additional exposures include biohazards, odors, occasional use of hazardous chemicals, ladders, and wet floors. The employee will normally work indoors, however, they will occasionally be exposed to seasonal temperatures when completing outdoor duties.

LGI’s foundation began in 1916 as the Lauridsen Creamery, selling butter, eggs and poultry to the local community. Although our headquarters in Ankeny, Iowa, is not far from the old creamery in Dedham, Iowa, the company is now worldwide with more than fifty manufacturing and sales locations in twenty countries and sales in more than sixty countries.

Each company under the LGI umbrella is truly independent. They have the ability and the charge to be entrepreneurial, to seek out new markets, to develop new products and applications, and – above all - to discover new ways to add value through fractionation and novel application.

What’s more, because some LGI companies have offices and presence around the world, all LGI companies benefit from their exposure to new markets, new products, new applications and new thinking.