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less thanp>less than/p>less thandiv>POSTDOCTORAL SCHOLARRequisition # 3371Position Basicsless thanbr>less thanstrong>Advertising Ends on:less than/strong>less thanbr>Thursday, October 1st, 2020less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Advertising Started on:less than/strong>less thanbr>Friday, August 28th, 2020less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>College:less than/strong>less thanbr>College of Liberal Arts and Sciencesless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Department:less than/strong>less thanbr>Health and Human Physiologyless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanbr>Salaryless thanbr>less thanstrong>Salary:less than/strong>less thanbr>$52,704.00 to Commensurateless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanbr>Position Detailsless thanbr>less thanstrong>Full/Part Time Status:less than/strong>less thanbr>Full Timeless thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Percent Time:less than/strong>less thanbr>100%less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Position Description:less than/strong>less thanp>A 2-year NIH-funded postdoctoral research fellow position (with the option for 3rd year) is available immediately in the laboratory of Gary Pierce, Ph.D., Associate Professor in the Department of Health and Human Physiology at the University of Iowa. The position will be broadly focused on investigating the integrative mechanisms that contribute to age-related increase in large elastic central artery stiffness and pulsatile hemodynamics in older adults with isolated systolic hypertension and also lead a short-term randomized, placebo controlled clinical trial. There are also ample opportunities to develop complementary lines of research (which is strongly encouraged) in a highly collaborative environment. There are extensive opportunities to collaborate with co-investigators/co-mentors across the University including the Abboud Cardiovascular Research Center, Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Center, Iowa Neuroscience Institute, Environmental Health Sciences Research Center, Maternal Fetal Tissue Bank, Iowa Biomedical Imaging Institute and Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences. Excellent clinical research infrastructure in the Institute for Clinical and Translational Science and basic science core labs in the Carver College of Medicine are available to conduct high impact translational research.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanp>Duties and responsibilities: The candidate will be responsible for developing and conducting clinical research protocols to test the mechanisms that contribute to large elastic central artery stiffness in older humans with isolated systolic hypertension and lead a randomized, placebo controlled clinical trial. Other opportunities are also available to study groups with obesity, history of preeclampsia, COPD, and cognitive impairment. Responsible for data collection, analysis, abstract and manuscript preparation, assisting in grant applications, presenting data at scientific meetings, developing postdoctoral grant fellowships and/or career development awards, and strong interest in mentoring graduate and undergraduate students.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanp>The position is for 2 years with option for 3rd year starting anytime between Sept 1, 2020 and Jan 1, 2021.less than/p>less thanbr>less thanp>Questions about the position can be directed to Dr. Gary Pierce at Application must include 1) brief a letter of interest, 2) full curriculum vitae, 3) PDFs of 2 peer-reviewed published articles, 4) 1-2 page summary of research accomplishments and future research goals, and 5) names and contact information of 2-3 individuals who will provide letters of recommendation if asked. less thanstrong>Review of applications will begin Sept 1, 2020 and continue until the position is filled.less than/strong>less than/p>less thanbr>less thanp>less than/p>less thanbr>less thanp>less than/p>less thanbr>less thanbr>less thanstrong>Education Requirement:less than/strong>less thanp>Candidates must have a Ph.D. degree in human physiology, integra