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ELDERBRIDGE AGENCY ON AGING Assistance Finance Director in FORT DODGE, Iowa

Elderbridge AgencyRecording new employee information into payroll records and recording all employee changes (FTE, pay, exemptions, transfers and/or resignations) into payroll records.Review attendance and hours worked before releasing employee timesheets to Financial Accounting Assistant for processing.Record time sheet adjustments into payroll records.Provide quality assurance and conformity to agency policies and procedures by matching approved purchase orders with invoices. Follow up with any missing purchase orders or discrepancies. Assist the Financial Accounting Assistant with coding of purchases.Assume responsibility for contract reporting as assigned by the Director of Finance.Assist Director of Finance as requested with analysis, review of accounting records, and audit preparationData Management Work with managers to determine proper flow of paperworkintake/registrations and rosters.Follow up with employees assigned to enter data to ensure timeliness of information.Provide training as appropriate to employees and managers on correct submission of data as well as on the meaning/uses of the data. Assist employees to understand the importance of the data and how the data may be used.Report on data from IAPRS in conjunction with financial data from IAFRS to managers quarterly or more frequently if requested.Point out areas in which data does not appear to be accurate and work with appropriate manager/s or employee/s to improve dependability and accuracy of data.Work with the Data Information Department at the Iowa Department on Aging for continuous improvement of the data management process and the data itself.Central Services 2-5-12 Inc.Maintain all accounting records.Compile, review, and report quarterly financial statements for Central Services 2-5- 12 Inc. or as requested.Provide analysis regarding adequacy of rental income in view of property expense.Participate in budgeting for Central Services 2-5-12 Inc. with the Director of Finance COO and CEO.React to change productively and handle other tasks as assigned by the Director of Finance or COO, and CEO. Perform other agency duties as assigned.ESSENTIAL SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES:Knowledge of principles and practices of non-profit budgeting, including state and federal funding requirements for area agencies on aging and instrumentalities of the state.Working knowledge of the Older Americans Act and the purpose of area agency on aging.Strong interpersonal skills to relate to diverse cultures, older persons and colleagues.Ability to build effective collaborations and partnerships using diplomacy and tact.Proven oral and written communication and presentation skills.Strong organizational, personnel management and administration skills and an ability to plan, direct, and monitor the work of others and motivate staff.Capability to gather and analyze information, and aptitude in judgment when applying/interpreting agency policies and procedures or solving problems.Ability to operate personal computer and utilize computer software, particularly GMS accounting software. QUALIFICATIONS:A degree in accounting with 3 years progressive experience in financial accounting and reporting, or related degree with 5 years experience.