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JOB DESCRIPTIONTitle of Position: Plant OperatoriDepartment:i Purification DepartmentTitle of Immediate Supervisor: Purification ManagerDefinition:i A Plant Operator is an uncertified entry level position.i The employee will assist plant operators II and III in the task of supplying clean potable drinking water to customers.i The employee must develop knowledge and skill concerning characteristics and treatment of both surface and ground water; the lime soda ash softening process; safe operation of associated equipment and machinery; safe handling and administration of associated chemicals; routine sample collecting and water testing; telephone and radio skills; data collection and record keeping.Responsibilities:iReceives specific direction, guidance and work assignments from the Purification Manager or his designee.i Translates specific direction, guidance or assignments into a finished work product.iAssures the safe use of all chemicals and equipment and safe work practices performed in and around the water plant.iPerforms light maintenance and cleaning on chemical feed equipment and pumps.iInspection, cleaning and light maintenance of intake, drainage station, chlorine rooms, and chemical storage areas.iClean and store empty chemical containers.iAssist unloading and storage of chemicals.iUnder direct supervision and instruction of a shift operator or supervisor, test and calibrate turbidimeters, pH meter, chlorine analyzers, chlorine detectors, and fluoride analyzer.iKeep accurate and precise written and electronic records of equipment calibration, treatment process information and water quality test data.iOther duties may be assigned as necessary.iRequired Knowledge, Skills and AbilitiesiEmployee will have no condition preventing performance of heavy and demanding physical labor outdoors and/or in confined spaces under all weather conditions.iThe employee must develop knowledge and skills of water treatment plant operation and are able to pass an Iowa Grade I Water Treatment Plant Operator examination within 1 year and an Iowa Grade II Water Treatment Plant Operator examination within 2 years.i Within 6 years the employee must be able to obtain an Iowa Grade III Water Treatment Plant Operator certification. iThe employee must be able to use a computer and keyboard to record data, set equipment, or other job related uses.iMust possess a valid driveris license usable in Iowa, and be insurable under Company policy.Must be able to speak, understand, read, write English and keep accurate legible reports of work performed and actions taken.iMust be able to perform basic mathematical calculations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division accurately and timely.iRequired Experience and Training1.iiii High school diploma or equivalent.Physical Requirements:1.iiii Must be sighted and be able to distinguish colors.2.iiii Must be insurable.3.iiii Must be able to hear normal conversation.4.iiii Must be able to use and communicate using a standard touch-tone telephone, cellular telephone, two-way radio and person to person conversation.6.iiii Must be able to speak English clearly at normal rate of conversation.Must be able to walk over uneven terrain at construction sites or other areas under any weatheriiiiii conditions.iMust be able to perform heavy physical labor standing upright, stooped over, squatting, or kneeling.Must be able to wear all personal protective equipment necessary for safe working conditions.iMust have manual dexterity sufficient to thread screws, bolts, nuts and other appurtenances used in repair/replacement of equipmenti in a water treatment facility.11.ii Must be able to lift 75 pounds from the ground to shoulder height and from shoulder height to the ground to load or unload trucks.12.i Must be able to engage in repetitive motion using hands, wrists and arms.iiiiiiiDuty HoursA Plant Operator must be able to work day or night shifts, weekends and holidays as assigned by the Purification Manager.